I need business email databases for the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany and China. The databases should contain the email address, city and business area. Where can I find or buy it?
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Can you create and send out Google forms in China? Can people in China open and fill those forms?
Only works if they have a VPN, because or else they cannot open the link. You should probably ask beforehand and not make the assumption that everyone does.
Do I need to fill out a custom form (specifically PSForm 2976) to send my letter from USA to China (is it optional)?
Letters do not need a customs form. The forms are for when you are sending merchandise that has value. Do not put items in letter envelopes. The machines that process letters are likely to destroy them.
How does China determine which of the 56 official ethnicities someone is?
It's largely a matter of choice—usually not your own choice, but your parents, when they register you and get your first national ID card (身份证). One of the major ethnicities is not even based on blood ancestry at all but on religion: Even if you have two Han parents, you can (if I understand it correctly) put yourself down as Hui if you consider yourself a Muslim. I don't believe anyone is asked to prove their ethnicity, though I guess I've seen my wife (who is Manchu, but only on her father's side) fill out forms where the ethnicity of parents is asked.
How are synthetic elements created?
By smashing existing nuclei together.For example, the synthesis of Oganesson (element) was achieved by taking atoms of Kr-86 and firing them into a target of Pb-208.Now, in the course of millions of Krypton atoms crashing into the Lead target, scientists have managed to make 5 atoms of Og. Why such a terrible conversion rate?Well, it turns out that making elements in this way is kinda like trying to fill a china cabinet by grabbing all of the dishes and cups and throwing them as hard as you can at the cabinet. Most of the time, you just get a bunch of broken pieces of plates and cups all over the floor. But very occasionally, they actually stay on the shelves.This is particularly true if you’re making an element with as many protons as Og. Such an element is going to be incredibly unstable under the best of circumstances - all of those protons repel one another very strongly. But add in the additional energy of the collision you just initiated, and the nucleus you create is extraordinarily unstable.So why make them this way? Well, it turns out it is the only way we know how. Even nature doesn’t make atoms of this kind, so to smash all of those nucleons together, you have to get really aggressive.
What’s the strangest incident that’s happened on an airline flight?
True Story!11:40pm I was returning to Bangalore from Hongkong aboard Cathay Pacific sometime during last December.The seat configuration was 2 seats x 4seats x 2seats.I got a 2 seat config. I took my aisle seat & on the window sat a bald Chinese man (probably in his 40s). He had a faint smile!We didn’t talk for the initial 20 mins. The flight was cruising smoothly at 38000 ft. by then. I was busy surfing movies on the screen in front of me!He then made a small tap on my shoulder. I turned towards him. Let’s call him Mr.L (Lui)L: Hey there gentleman! Namaste (he folded his hands). I am Lui from Guangzhou! What’s your name?Me: Greetings! My name is Sandeep, you can call me Deep!L: Long flight, huh! I thought we can know each other. I have been working in India since 2012.He went on to explain how he ended up at India working for an automobile company.Me: So, Mr. Lui! What do you like about India? (Cliched question Indians like to ask foreigners)L: The people! They are lovely & sweet.I was smiling.L: China & India have similar problems. Over-population & extreme levels of hunger due to the scarcity of resources.Me: Very true, even the governments don’t have a solution!L: You know what, I have a solution which can solve both the issues.Me(with rapt attention): Really? What?L(calmly): They should legalise or rather profess cannibalism. This way both issues can be solved.I was stunned. I mustered all my courage to ignore him & look at the screen where my video was still on play mode.He erupted into a volcano of laughter. He then went calm & said” I was joking, Mr. Sandeep” .He suddenly turned into a demon for me. ‘What was the meaning when he said “Indian people are lovely & sweet”’, I thought.I put on my headphones and constantly stared at the screen.15 mins later, the pilot warns us for turbulence. The plane goes shaky but Lui seemed unfazed. I was looking out of the window, which he was observing but it was pitch dark.He suddenly turns towards me.L: The turbulence seems violent, isn’t it?I nodded.L: Do you think it will break apart? It would be a waste to see 400 corpses flying across the sky. The population problem, remember ?!He went into a hysteria of laughter again. I was terrified by now! Who asks such a question in a vibrating aeroplane at 38000ft?I: Mr. Lui, nothing is going to happen. Stay calm! (Who am I kidding, I am freaking out, instead!).The turbulence ends in just under 10 mins.L: Wow! The plane is fine now.I resumed my watching the videos again. I again got a tap on my shoulder.I: Yes, Mr.Lui! Can I just watch my movie?L: Yeah, sure! But do you know the safest seats on plane? It’s the aisle seat and 6 rows behind or ahead of emergency door. Window seats are dangerous, the glass might break & I might get sucked out. You are sitting on a safe seat, do you mind switching?I completely lost it! I started calling the flight attendants to see if I can get a different seat. As I started shouting a bit too loud, I got a fourth tap on my shoulder.This time, I turned towards the man & shouted “What? Please don’t talk to me”The man got confused.He said “Well, the plane is going to take off & you have been sleeping! The attendant asked me to wake you up”I went into a trance-like state. I gazed at my watch. It showed “11:48pm”This was all a dream, really? What?Realising my mistake, I apologized to the man. I was giving out a smile mixed with relief & fear. I always knew this can never happen with me. I started thanking God profusely.———————“Hi, By the way, I am Lui”. The faint voice broke my fantasy.
What is the highest form of intelligence?
Here's a quote by Jiddu Krishnamurthy The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluatingApologies for Digressing, This is something for collapse bots to chew on. Do read if you have time.I am little obssesed with Osho's Philosophy, Kindly bear with me.  I hope you find it interesting.What is Intelligence?Intelligence is intrinsic to life. Intelligence is a natural quality of life. Just as fire is hot, and air is invisible, and water flows downwards, so is life intelligent.Intelligence is not an achievement, you are born intelligent. Trees are intelligent in their own way, they have enough intelligence for their own life. Birds are intelligent, so are animals. In fact, what religions mean by God is only this: that the universe is intelligent, that there is intelligence hidden everywhere. And if you have eyes to see, you can see it everywhere. Intelligence is naturally rebellious. Intelligence cannot be forced into any servitude. Intelligence is very assertive, individual. Intelligence cannot be converted into a mechanical imitation. People have to be converted to carbon copies, their originality has to be destroyed, otherwise all the nonsense that has existed on the earth would be impossible.An intelligent person is perfectly satisfied with the possible. He works for the probable, he never works for the impossible and the improbable, no. He looks at life and its limitations. He is not a perfectionist. A perfectionist is neurotic. If you are a perfectionist you will go neurotic.A child is born, a child is a very, very open phenomenon, utterly intelligent. But we jump upon him, we start destroying his intelligence. We start creating fear in him. You call it teaching, you call it making the child capable of coping with life. You create fear in him. He is unafraid. And your schools, colleges, universities - they all make him more and more unintelligent. They demand foolish things. They demand foolish things to be crammed in which the child and his natural intelligence cannot see any point. For what? That child cannot see the point. Why cram these things? But the university says, the college says, the home, the family, the well-wishers say 'Cram!You don't know now, but later on you will know why it is needed.'Cram history all the nonsense that man has been doing to other men, all the madness - cram it!And the child cannot see the point. What does it matter when a certain king ruled England? From what date to what date? He has to cram those stupid things. Naturally, his intelligence becomes more and more burdened, crippled, more and more dust collects on his intelligence. By the time a man comes back from the university, he is unintelligent: the university has done its job. Each single moment can become so luminous with intelligence... Then there is no need for any religion, no need to meditate, no need to go to the church, no need to go to any temple, no need for anything extra. Life in its intrinsicness is intelligent. Just live totally, harmoniously, in awareness, and everything follows beautifully. A life of celebration follows the luminousness of intelligence.
Why do people use their minority status as their identifiers rather than happenstance?
I don't want to use my “minority status" as an identifier. I really do not. But in the United States, I cannot refuse or ignore my Asian American “minority status". My minority status was forced upon me by American society, instead of my own choosing.Being born a minority isn't an issue. No. I was born as a minority in China. I was Manchu, one of the 56 ethnic minority groups in China, where the Han Chinese majority constitutes 95% of the population. I was never treated differently, me being a Manchu was never an issue with anyone. When I watch TV, people similar to me are properly represented with respect and diversity. There are plenty of TV shows specifically depicting Manchu court intrigues, that actually features my people in history. Manchu culture is integrated with Han Chinese culture. It's hard to determine where the Han Chinese culture ends and where Manchu culture begins. Our custom, clothing, food, are now part of mainstream culture. I was never made to feel unwelcome or not belong, because of my ethnicity. The only time I was reminded of my minority status was when filling out forms that asked about my ethnic background.For a Manchu ethnic minority person in China, my “minority status" really is just happenstance.But not in the US. No.Since I arrived in the US almost 2 decades ago, I was constantly reminded that I'm different.I look different. And that “difference in appearance” means a lot more than my height, weight, hair color, or being left or right handed… My skin color means something more than simple aesthetics. In American society, my skin color defines me as a person.Prejudice is everywhere. Everyone does it more or less. But racism isn't just prejudice.So in China, people look at me, my clothing, my manners, or even the place they saw me… they come up with an assumption, which probably isn't very exciting or anything out of ordinary. And the factors people use to make assumptions about me, my hair cut, my clothing, my behavior, all of these are my choice. I choose my own hairstyle, I choose what I wear that morning, I choose how to behave in a certain situation… My choices directly impact how people judge me.In the US, however, regardless of how I dress or behave, people make a snap judgment based on my race alone. I can't choose my skin color. I can't choose to not appear East-Asian. And yet before people know me based on my own choices as an individual, they had already identified me as “Asian". In American society, regardless of my own personal choices, people will start with a set of assumptions about me or any Asian-looking women: I can't speak English very well, I drive poorly, I’m born somewhere outside the US, I speak another language, I'm submissive and docile, I value traditional gender roles, I respect and obey my husband, I'm good at math, not sports… etc.Some of these assumptions are true, I was indeed born outside the US, I do indeed speak a second language other than English. But the problem isn't such stereotype has truth in it or not. The problem is regardless of our own personal experiences, every one of us “Asian-looking women" would be identified as such before anything else.Take a Chinese American girl born in the US, she might not speak Chinese, she might choose to study Spanish as her second language, she might be captain of the school soccer team, she might not care about math…And despite being two very different people, both of us would be given the same assumption when people first meet us.Our choices have no impact on how people see us. In fact, many of us struggle to break the stereotype people given to us, through extraordinary personal choices. We rebelled against our racial stereotypes because we're sick and tired of how people slap these “identifiers" on us.Despite being an American, we're constantly reminded of being different. We're constantly being asked, “but where are you really from?” Second generation natural born Chinese Americans were complimented for speaking English like a native speaker. We're often told to “go back to where you come from" when criticizing US government and policies. We're constantly required to justify taking space in society.A lot of people from privileged group don't understand this. They never experienced it themselves. So it seems we're the ones always talk about race. It seems as if we are the ones making racial conflicts worse by constantly bring it out. And racism would just go away on its own if we all stop talking about it. If we don't see color.We don't want to see color, dear white people. We would be just fine if you treat us the way you treat your own race. We'd be fine if the store clerks wouldn't follow a black customer around but don't give a damn about white customers. We'd be just fine if you stop asking us about where we really come from. We'd be just fine if you could stop calling the cops because black people living their lives.You're the ones who relentlessly pushing racial identity on us. Not the other way around.John repeatedly slaps James. James cried out and ask John to stop. John replied “well, I don't feel anything. I don't see the problem. Are you sure you're not being too sensitive? Surely if you stop crying about it, your imaginary pain will just go away.”No, it won't, John.