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I’m shipping my product to Canada. How do I fill out a NAFTA Certificate of Origin? Are there other documents to be filled out?
Your shipment may need a NAFTA Certificate of Origin and a Shipper’s Export Declaration. To learn more about export documentation, please visit Export.gov to learn more.The U.S. Commercial Service’s Trade Information Center or the trade specialists at your local Export Assistance Center can also help answer these questions. Call 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) or find your local Export Assistance Center.International Trade Law includes the appropriate rules and customs for handling trade between countries. However, it is also used in legal writings as trade between private sectors, which is not right.This branch of law is now an independent field of study as most governments has become part of the world trade, as members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).Since the transaction between private sectors of different countries is an important part of the WTO activities, this latter branch of law is now a very important part of the academic works and is under study in many universities across the world.
While filling out the JEE Advanced 2022 form, by mistake I filled out the wrong OBC certificate issue date, it didn't match the original date of issue. What can I do?
Nothing to worry.No one is going to check whether you uploaded your OBC certificate or a white paper!!You just need to have OBC certificate issued on or after April 1 ,2017. See whether wrong date you entered is of April 1 2022 or after or not. No need to have same date on certificate and the one you filled.What all you're required is to produce a valid OBC certificate issued on or after April 1 2022 during counselling failing which your reservation will be cancelled, and you'll be treated as a general category candidate.So chill and concentrate on JEE advanced!!All the best..:)
How should one fill out the UPSC DAF form?
DAF means Detailed Applicaton Form.Every student who clears UPSC prelims will have to fill DAF two weeks after the results of Prelims.DAF is a very crucial document and it determines everything from your career to posting.Thats why special care is needed to fill DAF.DAF has 8 parts and each part has to be filled completely.For your convenience , I am attaching the photos of a DAF .8 mistakes generally committed while filling DAFDon’t send the DAF print preview pdf to UPSC by mistake. The DAF that should be send to UPSC must be the original one.Should be printed on single/one sided page. (2022 instruction)Sign the DAF at all pages and at the space mentioned by UPSC.Affix a passport size photograph of yours, similar to the photograph displayed in DAF.Affix a central recruitment stamp worth Rs.200/- in the space mentioned. Get it cancelled using the post-office seal which should clearly mark the date and post office name.Attach all necessary certificates mentioned by UPSC along with the DAF. For general candidates the certificates needed include Class 10th mark-list to prove DOB and Degree-Certificate to prove your eligibility. The certificates attached should be attested • either by a gazetted officer or self attested with date.Superscribe on the top of envelope -“Application for Civil Service (Main) Exam *”.It’s always better to read UPSC Civil Service Exam Notification and Instructions before filling DAF.DAF needs individual attention and customised filling.If any of you need help with filling a DAF, kindly drop me a mail to jebasingh.israel@gmail.com, with the subject “DAFROLL NO”Otherwise, you can send a SMS “DAFROLL NO” to 9840816701.You can also WhatsApp “DAFROLL NO” to 9840816701.We will get in touch with you to help you soonest !ALL THE BEST ,
Department of Motor Vehicles (California): I'm about to sell my car. Is my certificate of title (the pink slip) still valid if the registration expiration date written on it has passed?
While I concur with the answers you’ve gotten, I think you may be seeking more info than you asked for.A certificate of Title, Title, and Pink Slip are proof of ownership for vehicles in the State of California at various times. Pink Slips haven’t been issued since the ‘70’s, yet, a seller who has owned a vehicle since the seventies or before, can legitimately transfer ownership by simply signing a“pink” over. These documents of ownership never expire and have nothing to do with your tax burden…Registration, tags, and plates relay time sensitive information while also identifying your vehicle in order to make it unique for even more opportunities to levy additional financial burdens above and beyond your initial tax liability and mandatory support of charities you never knew you loved.Registration is your annual tax bill and an easy way for other State , City and County agencies to catch up with you and your wallet at a very convenient time..when you have your wallet out.Tags are issued upon meeting all your smog and financial liabilities. Tags are to placed upon your rear license plate. It’s month will always be the same, whether you’re late or early paying your registration.Unlike your tags or Registration card or receipt, your license plates do not expire and remain with the car they are issued to.A few relationships do exist between the Title and Registration especially concerning the sale of your vehicle inside the state of California, despite previous answers claiming none. The most important of them, your Smog liability.In the Golden state at one time long past, one could simply say, screw the DMV and let their registration expire and not think another thing about. Smog check, forget it, right?Listen to this part carefully. Those days are gone. Even and especially if you sell the car. Here, you are required to prthe new owner upon transfer a new shiny clean bill of health, by way of a recent smog check certification so, they have one less hoop to jump thru in their quest to register your old car. This is the law and any new buyer can return and demand you smog the vehicle.Better yet, if you let your tags expire, you will receive a reminder from the California Franchise Board in the guise of a lien on your personal bank account. Gets even better. If the person you didn’t give a clean smog check, decides to let the expired registration ride, it rides all right, in your name and every year you miss paying up at the Dmv will be tallied up and the CFB enforcers will hunt you down and make your bank rob you, UNLESS, you at the very least, make sure when you sell your vehicle, you take a moment with the seller and discover that the Title has a tear off and it looks nothing like the ornate title. It has odd red boxes. Fill it out and make sure it finds its way to the DMV as soon as possible. It relieves you of any additional taxes, fines or bank robbery charges…Bottom line, expired registration doesn’t directly prevent you from selling your vehicle. Pay it today, or pay it tomorrow. Either way, you’re going to pay. Its just more likely that once you let one thing slip, not hard to see how a lot more can follow.
How should one fill out the DAF form for the UPSC civil services?
1) Things to keep in mind while filling your DAF1. DAF is not like your resume, the more achievements the more you will score.Here DAF is only a way to know about you so that they can ask questions.2. Please do not try to fake or write for the sake of writing. If there is no achievement, then don’t create one, no hobby then don’t write fake one .3. Be specific. For you music might be a hobby (listening in free time), but they will expect you to know about music in detail. . You might like cooking but they will ask you anything related to cooking ( about preservatives, masalas, cooking recepies, types of cuisines etc).So better to avoid writing such open ended things. Write specific things which you know you can prepare.a4. Writing something and not able to answer basic questions related to those things sends a very wrong impression. When you are filling DAF ensure you write less but meaningful things you are confident about.2) Service Preference ListImportant : These are my personal views which can be biased. Detail about each service, growth opportunities can be found here http://persmin.gov.in/AIS1/Welco...Brief about Services1. IASGood work, Good Infrastructure and highly respectable. Issue is interference and work pressure. If you want a very peaceful life and tension free life then think about it.2. IFSWork as diplomats. Good services, especially for people who like to travel, pursue intellectual hobbies. You will have alternate terms in foreign country and India. Yes do give a consideration from family perspective and secondly from perspective that if you want paraphernalia you will not get it.3. IPSMostly work is in law and order domain. Lot of power, infra and Paraphernalia. However IPS is a very tough job and not everyone is made for it. It needs lot of patience, sacrifice in personal life and has maximum interference. So choose accordingly.4. IRS IT and CustomsMy personal advice would be to choose IT over customs ( stable cadre, timely promotions , decent infra and good places of postings) However work can appear to be boring due to a desk job restricted to taxation. Customs on the other hand is having more variety.5. IRTS vs IAASIRTS is IAS of railways. Lot of manpower under you. Good infra and facilities. However issue is very hectic life especially if you are in operations side as you have to manage timely running of trains. So don't opt it if you want a peaceful and tension free life.IAAS on the other hand is a totally different service. It audits almost everything in government. Remember it is not just auditing of accounts here but a larger purview. Also stable posting, normal working hours, postings in state capital and Delhi plus lot of foreign visits and yes timely promotions. Plus everyone fears an auditor. However you won't enjoy executive powers and perks like IRTS. So decide what kind of life you want.6. Accounting ServicesIRASBest among accounting services. Total financial power in railways. Good infrastructure, work life balance and good postings. Plus lot of opportunities for deputation due to finance.IDASThis is also a good service. Lot of financial power in defence sector. Good infrastructure, work life balance and good postings. Plus lot of opportunities for deputation due to financeICASThis is more of an accounting service. It has the responsibility to consolidate accounts of all the Dept except few. Posting in Delhi. However housing, car can be an issue.IPTAFSThis service has lost lot of ground due to BSNL and MTNL separating from DoT. So major work is collecting spectrum allocation and licence fee. Infrastructure issues are also there.7. Railway servicesRailway services have good infrastructure and facilities. Housing, car and manpower is not an issue.IRTS - IRAS - IRPSIRPSNot much work, dealing with unions and personnel management .RPFI would suggest to fill it among the bottom 5 services. Its like paramilitary force (Railway Protection Force)8. IPoSGood service. Administration of all post offices. Good infra and facilities. Plus post office's are getting modernized so new work is coming up.9. IDeSThis is a service where you work as CEO of cantonments/defence estates. There is huge infrastructure at your disposal, very good facilities. However growth is stagnant, work is not dynamic. Also you will not always be working in cantonments, HQ postings and other postings are there as well.10. ICLS and ITSBoth are new age services with postings in Capital cities and Delhi. ICLS are regulators of corporate sector. They implement company law and are involved in Registration, M&A, and Liquidation etc. Service seems to have a promising future but as of now it is not much preferred. Reasons include Infrastructure problem, desk work and stagnation as the top level.IT on the other hand deals with trade policy implementation. Officers working closely with traders and exporters. Also working in SEZ, policy work and some International exposure. So work is interesting and promising.Issue with both the services is similar. These are comparatively new service & do not have a huge infrastructure compared to postal, defence and railways. So Car, housing, other facilities might be a little problem. Also at senior level stagnation issue.11. IoFSNot much of an idea but their scope is more or less related to management of ordinance factories. Infra won’t be much of an issue. But usually filled among bottom few services12. Danics & DanipsThese are like State civil services(UT civil service) with a difference that promotions are better compared to most of the states. Many people prefer them at the bottom due to Group B. However in terms of power, work, infra these are better than many group A central services.13. Indian Information ServiceThis is like a PR Job. Most IIS officers work in various media units which are under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting such as DD News, All India Radio, Press Information Bureau etc. Even posted with various Ministries as spokespersons to handle the Ministry's information and communication needs and help in policy formulation. So work wise this is a nice service, plus majorly you stay in Delhi. Infrastructure, car housing is again an issue.14. AFHQ + Pondicherry civil serviceBottom services to be filled.Now how to fill service preference listSee this is a totally personal choice depending on what you want from your life. What matters to you : balanced life? Quality work? Power & Infrastructure? Delhi Posting? Decide accordingly. Here are some hints based on common choice1. Most preferred services (IAS • IFS –IPS • IRS IT –IRS Customs • IRTS /IAAS) .2. Less preffered services ( AFHQ , Pondicherry civil services , RPF, IoFS, IPTAFS ,ICLS )3. Middle Category ( IRAS, IDAS, ICAS, IPOS,IDES,ITS,IIS,IRPS)As per meIRTS IRASIRPSIRASIDASICASIPOSIDESIDASIDESICAS, IIS, ITS (one is accounts, other is media/PR and one relates to Trade. Usual preference is ICAS • IIS-ITS)4. Adjust DANICS & DANIPS as per your convenience. Some people prefer them after Railway, Defence and Postal while majority put it at the end. Decide as per your own choice.Delhi Posting : ICAS , IISServices where Infrastructure won’t be an issue (Apart from Most preferred services ): IRAS,IRPS,IPOS,IDES,IDAS . I think infra will not be an issue even in IOFS and RPF.3) CADRE PreferenceP.S : Totally personal views. For details you can refer here http://www.iascoachingindelhi.or...UP: great work opportunities and infrastructure. But if you don't want an exciting and challenging life, it should not be high on your list.Bihar: Mostly like UP but more backward.MP, Rajasthan, Haryana: Good cadres. Balanced ones. Usually preferred by people.Punjab: Mixed reviews about the cadre.Jharkhand and Chattisgarh, Odisha: People carry lot of misconceptions. These are nice cadres to work plus good infra. Naxal problem is prevalent only in certain areas. Other issue is these are little backward areas. But I think these are highly underrated cadres .Uttarakhand and Himachal : Decent cadres to work but terrain issues. Not everyone likes hill posting so keep that in mind.Northeast cadres : Mostly people fill them lower in their preference due to factors like distance, culture, hills, personal life etc. Assam-Megahalya is the most preferred choice among north east cadres.J&K : considered a tough posting. Hills + security concerns etc.West Bengal and Kerala : Work wise normal but their political setup is different so many people don't prefer these cadres. So decide accordingly .Andra and Telangana : Good cadres to work. North Indians prefer them most among southern states.Karnataka: fineTamil Nadu : state services is very strong here so at times they hold important posts in the district .Maharashtra : Good cadreGujarat : Mixed reviews.Agmut: mixed reviews. Good thing is you get to stay for long in Delhi.Making choicesI can’t tell you what to opt. But I can share what people preferably fill at lower preference. Again as per my knowledge.- North eastern States- J&K- Kerala and WB ( some people prefer to fill them low)Also sharing some favoured cadres due to different reasons:- Rajasthan, Haryana, MP (Delhi proximity and balanced cadres )- UP & Bihar (Strong power centres for IAS)- AGMUT (Delhi posting, but not for those who like UP , Bihar work culture )- Sorry but I am not able to comment on south Indian cadres due to lack of in depth knowledgeCadres considered bad but are actually not- Chhattisgarh and JharkhandThat is all from my side. Hopefully this post can help you to some extent. All the best
How do I get a certificate of Puerto Rican citizenship?
I just received a Certificate of Puerto Rican Citizenship. I am now an official Citizen! (#1,565)Okay, so you will need your mother's ORIGINAL birth certificate and your ORIGINAL birth certificate. Now, in 2022 Puerto Rico reissued all of the old birth certificates, so your mother will need to have the new one with the raised seal for you to be able to do this. (The modern ones look extremely modern, so she should know if it's new.) You will also need to make a COPY of your driver's license. You will be sending both ORIGINAL birth certificates and the COPY of your driver's license. You will also need to get a money order for $30 and make it payable to: "Secretary of the Treasury Department". You will also need to fill out this application which is one page, and only available in Spanish:http://estado.pr.gov/wp-content/...
In the US, is it illegal to pretend to be a minority group for the sake of a job/university application?
When I was a post-doc in the USA at both universities where I worked I was given a yellow form to fill out. I honestly and correctly put myself down as “Australian” under “Other”.In both universities this was crossed out and I was assigned as being an “Asian-Pacific islander”. As far as I know I have no Asian or Pacific Islander descent. I was not asked my opinion on the matter. No-one came to check me out but I loved filling out the forms I was always being sent where I was expected to state how oppressed I was. It was quite true that a few people were nasty about my racial/ethnic origin in the USA but nothing like as bad as I got in Canada. Canada is the only country I ever worked in where being Australian was obviously held against me.If I had used my university awarded designation on some other form would I have been doing something naughty? After all I was designated Asian/Pacific Islander by appointed authority: I did not choose to make such a claim.The take-home message I got from the experience was that all racial/ethnic statistics in America were rubbish. Nobody goes round and checks people out - simply because it would be both illegal and impossible.By the way do realise I am of indefinite racial origin but there is no such documentation on birth certificates in Australia, even in the 19th century. I have photos of my mother and father and my maternal grandparents and nothing else. There is no-one alive I could ask about such matters.
How many Nazi war criminals were prosecuted for murdering disabled people after the war?
The "Doctor's Trial" was held at Nuremberg in 1946 - 1947 prosecuted a number German officials and doctors involved in war crimes.The trial included defendants involved in the Aktion T4 program, the euthanasia program that killed children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. Defendants Viktor Brack, Karl Brandt and Rudolf Brandt were involved in the setting up and running of Aktion T4. Brack, Karl Brandt and Rudolph Brandt were convicted, sentenced to death and executed.Victor BrackKarl BrandtRudolph BrandtOne of the organizers of Aktion T4, Philipp Bouhler, escaped justice: he committed suicide after being arrested.There wasn't any coordinated effort to track down and punish the doctors and medical personnel involved in carrying out Aktion T4. For one, the subsequent Nuremberg trials, including the Doctor's Trial were an American initiative and by 1947 there was increasing pressure to turn over prosecution of war criminals to German authorities and declining enthusiasm for a really broad and thorough accounting for war crimes.There was another means of identifying and punishing war criminals: under the Allied Control Council, German citizens were required to fill out a questionnaire detailing their activities in the Nazi regime. Those that admitted to war crimes, or participated in proscribed organizations (Nazi party members, SS members and others) could face punishment, from loss of professional certification, fines and jail time.It would have been easy for doctors and administrators to avoid consequences of participation in Aktion T4 under the de-nazification program run by the Allied Control Council.If they weren't a Nazi party member or in the SS, it is unlikely that their questionnaire would have received much scrutiny.If they were living in outside of the American occupation zone, they might have avoided filling out the questionnaire, only in the American occupation zone was the questionnaire broadly applied and even there is wasn't universally filled out.But the biggest reason was the euthanasia program itself. Aktion T4 was deeply secretive. Medical records were kept but causes of death were falsified. The selection process for victims was covert. We still don't know the full extent of the program and can't always identify victims from contemporary German records.The USHMM has a good summary of the euthanasia program and Aktion T4:Euthanasia ProgramChristopher Browning’s The Origins of the Final Solution covers Aktion T4 in detail.
How do I buy a car in Dubai?
Knowing how to buy a car in Dubai will allow you to access a market full of luxury cars at affordable prices or, at least, lower than in Europe and other neighboring countries.5 Tips When Buying a Used Car in Dubai, UAEThe city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates attracts people from all over the world due, in part, to the income of non-tax residents. Owning a car in Dubai is a must, because the city's residential center is quite distant from the commercial and business areas.There is not much in the way of public transport. Dubai residents will find that they can buy either new or used vehicles with relative ease, but they will have to follow a series of points and steps to do so.Eight Steps to follow:Step 1:The first thing is to locate the car model that you are interested in, what you can do through the Internet, thus searching between new and used cars. It is also very common to hold auctions in Dubai with second-hand luxury cars that their previous owners have not been able to pay. Although as a general rule they are much cheaper than in Europe, find out how much the same model costs in this country.Step 2:Once you have made the decision, you should know that you have to meet two very important requirements to buy a car in Dubai:Have a residence visa.Dubai requires vehicle buyers to own a residence visa. Residents of Dubai can obtain the required documentation for residence visas through their employers.Possess a driver's license from the UAE or an international license. Anyone who buys a car in the UAE must have a valid UAE driver's license. Citizens of other countries can use their driver's licenses to obtain a license from the UAE without a driving test. They have to fill out an authorization form in Arabic, pass an eye exam in Dubai, have a passport from their country of origin and pay a fee.Step 3:You can find used cars for sale published in newspaper ads or on the Internet. They can also buy a used car from car dealerships. In addition, you can bid on a used car at an auction.Step 4:Car retailers of new and used cars offer buyers the opportunity to finance their purchase. The terms of the car loans are between one and four years.Step 5:Car buyers who need financing could also get a loan through their bank. The bank will offer the loanee with a series of deferred payment checks that must be given to the dealer once a month.Step 6:The buyer of a used car in Dubai must transfer ownership. The current and previous owner of the car must fill out an application in the Traffic Police, and present the car license plates, registration card, insurance certificate and proof the previous owner has no outstanding debt in the car in order to transfer ownership.Step 7:Any person who owns a car in Dubai should have it insured. The owner can purchase insurance through an insurance company for approximately four to six percent of the value of the vehicle. Car owners must have a driver's license from the UAE, a passport and a car test registered with the previous owner or car dealer to buy insurance in Dubai.Step 8:Once the car is insured, it must be registered. The car dealers will help the new owner with this process for new and used cars.
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